About Us

School Leavers Opportunity Training (SLOT) is a registered Non Government Organization (NGO) founded in 1990 by Pauline Greene. As a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) or Charity, SLOT is dependent on donor funding.

The School Leavers Career Guidance and Training Trust has fund-raising and tax clearance (18A) status for funds received from donors. This allows companies to apply for tax exemption on donations. The Trust protects the company finances and manages an investment portfolio bequeathed by Lady Usher to help with administrative costs.

School Leavers Career Guidance and Training Association is incorporated under Section 21 and is responsible for the day to day running of the organisation. It operates under the name of SLOT (School Leavers Opportunity Training), by which it is commonly known in the work place.

Company Registration Number: 90/07061/08

Vat Registration Number: 4590210664

Public Benefit Organisation Number (PBO): 930 008 848

Non Profit Organisation Number (NPO): 002-586 NPO

Fundraising Number: 06 6009 30 0006