Our Philosophy

Mission Statement:

” To guide educationally deprived and unemployed out-of-school youth,
in order to improve their opportunities for gainful
employment or self-employment “


Given the alarming statistics surrounding the HIV/Aids pandemic, poverty and unemployment and vulnerability of youth within our society, SLOT aims to run effective and dynamic programmes which help youth improve their quality of life and chances of gainful employment.

SLOT is committed to:

  • Uplifting youth in crisis by helping them become economically able.
  • Addressing the unemployment crisis in South Africa.
  • Teaching skills and changing lives.
  • “In Loco parentis” support for vulnerable youth.
  • Helping youth to help themselves their families and communities.

General Objectives:

  • Uplift educationally and economically underprivileged youth, aged 18-35.
  • Generate funds to place individuals on Life Skills and Vocational Training courses.
  • Provide post training support.
  • Involve targeted communities in the vision of SLOT.
  • Help increase every individuals chance of employment.