Pauline Greene

Mrs. Pauline Greene, who founded School Leavers Opportunity Training at Nottingham Road in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands in 1990, had a very clear vision.

The SLOT Mission statement spells it out. From those early days of lofty ideals and little support, SLOT has grown into one of the most respected NGO’s in it’s field, thanks to the tireless and unrelenting efforts, of first one person… then two.. and now an entire team of dedicated people who share the dream.

Starting from humble beginnings in shared offices at Nottingham Road serving the Pietermaritzburg/Midlands area, SLOT boasted a staff complement of one. Supporting the financial needs of the organisation was Kagiso Trust, our first major donor. In those exciting days, temporary teachers were used initially and then students moved onto the various training providers.

Building on the solid foundations of meeting a very real and desperate need, SLOT slowly began to expand and in 1993 a Durban Branch was opened. This was quickly followed in the same year by a branch in Ladysmith and, shortly after in 1994, a full branch was established in Pietermaritzburg.

News of the impact of SLOT’s work spread, and in 1994 we were invited by what is today known as “The President’s Foundation” to open in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. The DG Murray Trust initially funded our work there with the Royal Netherlands Embassy playing a significant role in later years. In January 1997, it was decided to re-locate the Ladysmith branch to Newcastle. Then in October of that same year we ventured to Upington which became the centre of our Northern Cape branch. This project was funded by Ntsika and has done exceptional work in the area of job creation.

In 2001 the Royal Netherlands provided the funds for SLOT to purchase premises in Pietermaritzburg Kwa-Zulu Natal. A beautiful, old Victorian building now housed the Head Office and Kwa-Zulu Natal branch.

In June 2006 it was decided to re-locate to the Edendale Area of Pietermaritzburg, which brought SLOT closer to the community ‘ in need’. This location is now home to SLOT’s Head Office and all training done by SLOT. It has accommodation for 20 people and can host up to 300 people.