Today was an exciting day for the students here at SLOT. We had the privilege of having a man by the name of Alessandro. He is from Italy and he has come out to South Africa to share his story with people. Alessandro at the age of three had cancer on the brain, which has left him with only half of his brain as well as many other disabilities. He is 32 years old and is only 1,27 meters tall. His story of overcoming adversity is amazing and encouraging to all who hear it. Our students where deeply touched and encouraged by his story. All who heard him speak realised that no matter where we come from and what situations we find ourselves in, God can and will use our lives for his glory. We should never allow anything or anyone to hold us back from our dreams and goals. If Alessandro who was told by numerous doctors that he wouldn’t live a long life, can overcome such obstacles, then what stops the rest of us from doing the same.

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